Best Mexican Restaurant

Skokie, IL

Are you craving great tasting Mexican food around Skokie, Illinois, then why not come into our restaurant? ‘Who are you?' you ask. We are the friendly people here at Coyotes Restaurant. When it comes to great tasting Mexican food, there is no other restaurant around Skokie that can compare to the delicious food that we serve, here at Coyotes Restaurant. Whether you are craving a burrito, taco, or one our authentic Mexican dishes that serve at our restaurant, you are sure to find something that you will definitely fall in love with, here at Coyotes Restaurant.

If you are looking for a family restaurant that serves great tasting Mexican food and has great customer service, then Coyotes Restaurant is definitely the family restaurant that you are looking for. Here at Coyotes Restaurant, we offer a friendly environment for you and your family to sit and enjoy the best tasting Mexican food north of the border. Our staff is ready to wait on you and cater to your every need as you and your family have a great time at our family restaurant. So come by today with your family and have a wonderful time, here at Coyotes Restaurant.

There are many restaurants to choose from around Skokie. But if you are looking for a family restaurant that serves the best Mexican food around the area then head on down to Coyotes Restaurant. Here at Coyotes Restaurant, we have a variety of entrees and appetizers to choose from and all are guaranteed to satisfy your hunger. We even have a great happy hour when you want to enjoy good tasting food and cocktails at a cheap price. When it comes to Mexican restaurants around Skokie, you simply can't beat coming to Coyotes Restaurant. So come and enjoy some great food with your family here at Coyotes Restaurant.